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Materials are the key to developing a new technology.

We are sensor designer and manufacturer starting from materials chemistry, membrane formulation to sensor algorithm and programming.

We develop a series of reliable Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensors, membrane covered Chlorine sensors, turbidity sensors plus pH/ORP, conductivity and ionic selective electrodes, which can directly communicate with a host that supports standard Modbus protocols to build an intelligent application systems such as for the data collection of Internet of things (IoT).

In addition to our standard production lines, we are your trustful OEM/ODM partner since we know the technology for manufacturing quality sensors.

about us

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Optical Dissolved Sensors

• Rugged sensor membrane and housing provides long life time (membrane at least 1 year, sensor body at least 2 years).
• Auto salinity compensation can be realized when a conductivity probe is connected to the smart data logger or portable meter.
• No chemical is used at maintenance, only replace the solid sensor membrane.


Our products and services for more projects.





Wastewater Treatment

• Customizable outputs: Modbus RS485 (standard), 4-20mA /0-5V (optional).
• Customizable housing: 316 stainless steel/Titanium/PVC/POM, etc.
• Selectable measuring parameters: dissolved oxygen concentrations and /saturation or oxygen partial pressure.
• Multiple measuring ranges available.
• Long life time sensor cap.