Portable / handheld meter


Plug and play with auto temperature and pressure compensation.
Two channels are available for viewing multiple readings.
Real time data is displayed, depending on which probes and/channels connected to the meter.

•Cost-effective, easy to use portable meter for aquaculture, freshwater, seawater and polluted water analysis.
•Impact-resistant housing with IP-67 rating.
•2 channels available for reading temperature and other 2 parameters, i.e. DO, pH, ORP, Conductivity, Chlorine or Turbidity.
•2-point calibration with automatic temperature calibration from 0°C-50°C, and altitude compensation for calibration.
•Large LCD screen with 5m cable.
•Ideal for field and lab testing.

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Smart Sensor System


1.The WQ100 portable meter can work with a series of sensors providing a fully robust and reliable data analysis for fish farming and other smart agriculture. Customization is also provided including modifications of installation fitting, length and insertion depth, housing materials and other possible adaptation changes.


Measuring Parameter Dissolved Oxygen/pH/ORP/Residual Chlorine/Turbidity
Resolution 0.01mg/L, 0.1mV, 0.01NTU (depending on sensor type)
Measuring Range 0-25mg/L, pH 0-14, 0-4000NTU (depending on sensor setting)
Dimension 150*78*34mm (length*width*height)
Weight 0.62KG (with battery)
Power Supply 6VDC (4 pcs AA battery)
Housing Materials Shell:ABS, Cover: PA66+ABS
Waterproof Rating IP67
Storage Temperature 0-70°C (32-158 °F)
Operating Temperature 0-60°C (32-140°F)
Data Display 50*60mm LCD with  LED backlight

Our Offering

A: Portable meter if you have already purchased sensors before.
B: Probes or sensors including DO, pH, ORP, Conductivity probe, Chlorine sensor, Turbidity sensor.
C: Combination kit with meter plus probes or sensors.

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